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About Pacific Oak Properties
Morgan Hill, California

For many years, Pacific Oak Properties was primarily focused on the development and construction of new properties. Currently, the firm has chosen to concentrate on its own portfolio of retail shopping centers and apartment communities, providing comprehensive property management services to all properties as well as retail brokerage services to the shopping centers.

The geographic focus of Pacific Oak Properties is Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and Hollister. However, the firm will consider unique real estate opportunities outside of the target area.

Pacific Oak Properties has provided a diverse array of real estate services to many third-party clients, and would be pleased to consider new opportunities upon request.

The firm welcomes the opportunity to work with commercial brokers who exclusively represent prospective retail tenants.


Our Name

The inspiration for our company name comes from the beautiful coastal live oaks that thrive in the hills and valleys of the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the finest examples of these majestic trees grow in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Thus, Pacific Oak Properties was aptly named after these truly incredible trees.

Our Logo

A few years after the company's founding, artist and graphic designer Bob Yagura was commissioned to redesign the company logo. His handsome, original drawing of a stately oak tree, rendered in gorgeous green silhouette, became the symbol for Pacific Oak Properties. The classic Roman typeface, Michelangelo, is clean and elegant, further representing the brand of the real estate company. The result: a timeless logo that captures the type of company that Pacific Oak Properties strives to be.

Development and Construction

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Park Place

A thirty-six (36) unit condominium project on La Crosse Drive in Morgan Hill. Pacific Oak Properties was the project developer and general contractor. Park Place was developed in two phases over a two-year period (1983-84) for Park Place Investors; a California limited partnership comprised of the Kent Family Trust and several local investors. The use of Santa Clara County Housing Authority Reserve Bonds enabled some first time home buyers to secure below market rate financing.

Vineyard Town Center

A 115,000 square foot community shopping center, situated on 10.3 acres, located in Morgan Hill at the intersection of Monterey Road and Vineyard Boulevard. The project was developed for the Kent Family Trust, Nob Hill Foods, PayLess Drugs, Bank of America, and McDonald's Restaurant. Construction occurred in two phases between 1984-86. The firm also obtained tax exempt, industrial revenue bond financing; provided all brokerage and lease negotiation services; constructed phase two of the project, consisting of four (4) free standing pad and kiosk buildings; and is providing on-going property management services.

La Crosse Village

An eighty (80) unit apartment project located at the intersection of La Crosse Drive and Vineyard Boulevard in Morgan Hill. Completed in August 1986, Pacific Oak Properties developed and built the project. The owner is La Crosse Village, Ltd., a California limited partnership comprised of Kent Family Trust members. The firm also obtained HUD project approvals, secured tax exempt bond financing and is providing both on-site and off-site property management services.

Via Veneto

An exclusive residential development of seven (7) custom homes in the Encino Hills area of Morgan Hill. Pacific Oak Properties was the developer and general contractor of the homes constructed and sold in 1987 and 1988. Pacific Oak Properties won two prestigious awards for the development: (1) Winner: Western Vistas Design Competition sponsored by Peachtree Windows, as published in various publications including SUNSET and BUILDER magazines, and (2) Winner: Best Residential project in the City of Morgan Hill's first "Beauty in Progress" Annual Award program.

Vineyard Town Center Expansion

A 20,900 square foot expansion to Vineyard Town Center, situated on 1.95 acres. Completed in December 1988, Pacific Oak Properties developed and built the project. The owner is VTC Expansion LLC., a California limited liability company comprised of Kent Family members. The firm also performed all brokerage services and manages the property for the LLC. A key aspect of the development was the participation of the Morgan Hill Redevelopment Agency, who provided attractive secondary financing and assisted in the assemblage of six parcels of land. Current tenants include Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Togo's/Baskin Robbins.


A fifty-two (52) unit, high density single family detached residential subdivision situated on 8.62 acres along Watsonville Road in Morgan Hill. The project was developed in several phases between late 1989 and 1992. Pacific Oak Properties acquired the land after successfully competing in the City's Measure "E" competition; developed, constructed and sold the residential homes; assisted buyers in obtaining home loans, and for many years provided property management services to the Sorrento Homeowners Association.

St. Catherine's School

An approximately 5,000 square foot educational facility housing seventh and eighth grade classrooms, a computer lab, resource library and meeting room. Pacific Oak Properties was the general contractor, and constructed the project on a "fast-track" schedule in order to complete work prior to beginning of school year in 1992 for Saint Catherine Parish in Morgan Hill. The firm also provided cost containment design solutions in order to bring the project cost within budget parameters.

Plaza San Benito

A 188,300 square foot community shopping center, situated on 15.7 acres, located in Hollister, California at the intersection of Highway 25 and Sunset Drive. The center, which was developed and constructed in 1994-95, is anchored by a 106,000 square foot Target and a 45,000 square foot Nob Hill Foods. Pacific Oak Properties purchased the property after obtaining all project entitlements; developed the project and constructed all on- and off-site improvements, and approximately 35,000 square feet of free-standing pad, kiosk and multi-tenant shop space (Nob Hill and Target and Burger King constructed their own buildings). The firm also performed all brokerage work and is providing ongoing property management services.

Depot Commons

A residential "co-housing" project for low income single parents, located at the corner of Fifth and Depot Streets in downtown Morgan Hill. The innovative development consists of twelve (12) congregate housing units featuring private bedroom and bath, shared kitchen, dining and living areas, and an on-site day care facility. The project sponsor, South County Housing, a non-profit agency, negotiated directly with Pacific Oak Properties to provide construction services for a fixed fee. Construction was completed in August 1995.

Parson's Corner

A ten (10) unit residential infill project located in Morgan Hill's historic downtown district. The unique project, which included the renovation of the one hundred (100) year old Parsonage House, two (2) existing home move-ons, and the construction of seven (7) new residential cottages with shared parking, was a joint development of the City of Morgan Hill Redevelopment Agency and Pacific Oak Properties. Via a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), the firm purchased the subject property from the Redevelopment Agency, in order to build and sell individual homes to qualified below-market-rate (BMR) buyers selected by the Agency. Construction was completed in May 1996.

Town Place

An 80,000 square foot retail center, situated on 6.15 net acres in Gilroy, California, at the intersection of First Street and Wren Avenue. The center is anchored by a 55,000 square foot Nob Hill Foods Supermarket. To develop the project, John Kent and Pacific Oak Properties joined with the Chiesa Family, owners of the land, to form Town Place LLC, a California limited liability company. Pacific Oak Properties, Manager of the LLC, provided development and brokerage services. Kent Construction (owned by Larry Kent, formerly employed by Pacific Oak Properties in charge of all construction operations) was the general contractor. Comerica Bank - California provided construction financing. The project was completed in the Fall of 1997.

Vineyard Court Apartments

A fifty (50) unit apartment project, constructed upon a 3.6 net acre site in Morgan Hill, California, across the street from the Kent Family's existing La Crosse Village apartment project. Construction of the project was completed in May 1999.The project is owned by the Kent Family Partnership Ltd., a California Limited partnership. Pacific Oak Properties provided all project development services including initial project lease-up, and the procurement of both construction and permanent financing from South Valley National Bank. The firm is providing ongoing property management services.

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